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Announcing: Your V-MAIL now in print!

As trusty followers of Save Bomb Girls will know, Team Save Bomb Girls has been collecting your messages of love and hope for the continuation of Bomb Girls ever since the fight began over a year ago. Some of you may have seen the electronic versions we’ve published at regular intervals, but we’re happy to announce that our collection of V-MAIL is now also in print!

The complete repository is the culmination of hard work by Team Save Bomb Girls and fans alike, spanning messages we have collected between April 2013 and this month that pay testament to our love for the show. The result was a hefty stack of 600 pages of paper containing well over 10,000 individual messages, which is the integral part of four separate V-MAIL packages (see photos above). One of each is now on its way to the TV networks that represented potential homes for the continued series or more TV movies.

Over the course of more than a year, fans of Bomb Girls have sent hundreds upon hundreds of letters, postcards, emails, and packages to the people in charge—a touching exchange that communicated the impact Bomb Girls has had on the world. As much as the show has brought into our lives, so have we given back. To each and every fan of Bomb Girls, each and every follower of Save Bomb Girls, we say: Well done and thank you.

Carry on!

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If only we could get a Bomb Girls spin-off where we see the whole show from Moira’s point of view

"the rich one keeps moving in and out like this is a freaking hotel and thinks she has phone rights or sumthin"
"the red-haired one is passed out on the couch like all that escalated pretty quickly"
"great, everybody’s out watching the fireworks and i’m in bed with the flu listening to weird sounds coming from that Betty’s room god keep it down already"

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